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Business Overview

Agile Energy X has created a scheme for using variable renewable energy, etc. for distributed energy resource facilities including distributed computing systems, and flexibly creates electricity demand in response to renewable energy generated.

This enables the effective utilization of electricity that had previously led to suppression of generation as surplus. Also, we aim to promote the local production of electricity for local consumption by exposing additional clean energy resources including local renewable energy that is not being utilized due to problems with business profitability.

Distributed computing enables the flexible creation and suppression of demand by operating computers according to the times and spaces where surplus electricity is generated due to enabling detailed execution of complex computational tasks with multiple computers distributed in remote locations connected to a network.

Furthermore, among distributed computing, cryptocurrency mining in particular, has the characteristics of being very flexible for creating demand because the starting and stopping of computation can be freely controlled due to the unique business format of having no direct customers. In addition, it also has the benefit of highly flexible installation due to not requiring communication lines, and only requiring simple ancillary facilities such as air conditioning.

Meanwhile, some have pointed out the increased environmental burden caused by power consumption due to the expansion of cryptocurrency mining on a global scale.

Agile Energy X will conduct business promoting carbon neutrality by resolving the grid constraints associated with increasing the amount of renewable energy introduced through the enhancement of adjustment measures utilizing the characteristics of computers consuming large amounts of electricity.

Business Model


About Us

Company Name

Agile Energy X, Inc.


Capital: JPY 350 million
Shareholder: TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. (100%)

Business Overview

Planning, investigation, research, development, production, operation, maintenance, sales, consulting, etc. of conversion of electricity into digital value and related advanced solutions using distributed energy resource facilities (container-type distributed computing devices, cryptocurrency mining devices based on blockchain technology, etc.) that can be agilely and flexibly installed and operated according to electricity supply and demand and grid congestion conditions to contribute to the effective utilization of clean energy resources including unused renewable energy and the optimization of electric grids.


Founder and CEO: Kenji Tateiwa

Kenji received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nuclear engineering from Kyoto University. He joined Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in 1996 and worked in the nuclear division, designing next-generation nuclear reactors. After getting an MBA from Stanford University in 2004, Kenji worked on international projects, including a nuclear new-build project in the U.S. When the Fukushima Nuclear Accident happened in 2011, Kenji collaborated with international organizations to mitigate the crisis. In 2018, Kenji proposed an “Antifragile” strategy to resurrect TEPCO so that it could fulfill the obligation to reconstruct Fukushima. One of the components of the Antifragile strategy was the MegaWatt To MegaHash (MW2MH) project, which culminated into the founding of Agile Energy X in 2022. Kenji is a Professional Engineer of Japan in the field of Nuclear and Radiation.


  NBF Shinagawa Tower 5F
  2-16-5 Konan, Minato-ku
  Tokyo,  JAPAN 108-0075